Society of Composers, Inc. Region VII Conference California Institute of the Arts

Paper Session I

Saturday, 29 January 2000 9:30 a.m.




Three Generations of Contemporary Israeli Music Robert Fleisher


After more than a half-century of statehood and over a century of continuously developing art music, Israel’s lively contemporary composers and their music are still little known in the United States and Europe. Israeli composers have nonetheless increasingly gained international recognition through recordings, performances, awards, commissions, prizes, artist-residencies, and teaching positions. My book Twenty Israeli Composers (Wayne State University Press, 1997) is the first published volume of interviews with Israeli composers. It profiles both individually and collectively the composers of three generational groups: the first generation, all central European immigrants, transplanted their musical culture to British Mandate Palestine in the 1930s. The second generation included Israeli-born sabras, in addition to new immigrants. The youngest generational group includes still more sabras and an expanded group of immigrants, including those from North and South America, as well as women.





Composers and the Copyright Law: Part Two Larry Christiansen

• A review of a couple of the basics about copyright law.

• The legal concerns of composers acting as their own publisher.

• The legal concerns of composers acting as their own record company.

• The copyright rights of performers on tapes or CDs when the composer sends copies of the tape or CD to other performers

to interest them in performing the composition.

• Recent development in copyright law and the internet.

• Recent changes to the Copyright Act.

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