SCI•N 2006 Venues and Events

where we'll be and what we're doing

The 2006 SCI National Conference will be held in a variety of venues all across the city of San Antonio. The link area to the right provides directions to and from the hotel, airport, and the locations of conference events.

Thanks are due to our hosts: The University of Texas San Antonio, Trinity University, The University of the Incarnate Word, and Travis Park United Methodist Church. Our banquet this year will be held at Karam's Mexican Dining Room.

WEDNESDAY, September 13, 2006

Location: Travis Park United Methodist Church

10:30   General Business Meeting
Keynote Speech by Elliott Schwartz
1:00 Paper Session I: Juusela, Miles, Banks
2:30 Panel Session I: Professional Development: "Applying for Composition and Theory Positions", Fleisher, Chair
4:00 Lecture/Demonstration I: Overtone Singing. Hinds
7:30 Concert I: Electroacoustic + Instrumental: Browning, Steinberg, Mason, Stanojevic, Park, Stallman
Reception I will follow Concert I

THURSDAY, September 14, 2006

Location: The University of The Incarnate Word

8:30     Panel Session II: The Pedagogy of Composition. Sullivan, Chair
10:00 Concert II: Guest Artists Tracy Rhodus, Soprano; Victoria Bass, Violoncello
Works By Perttu, Kramer, Fleisher, Lennerd, McCullough, Heinick, Maki
1:00 Concert III: Bevelander, Magrill, Austin, Lombardi, Mishell, Schwartz
3:30 Workshop/Presentation: Music Business/Music Industry. Harrington
5:45 Business Meeting for members of the SCI Executive Committee and National Council

THURSDAY EVENING, September 14, 2006

Location: The University of Texas at San Antonio

7:30    Concert IV: Vercoe, Lindsay, Bestor, Koykkar, Adams, Gottschalk, Meyn
 Reception II will follow concert IV, Joint with CMS at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Downtown San Antonio.

FRIDAY, September 15, 2006

Location: Trinity University

8:30     Technology Workshop: McCabe, Park
10:00 Concert V: Hindman, Martin, Mitchell, Kreck, Chaudoir, Richards, Power
1:00 Concert VI: SCI PERFORMERS CD SERIES #3: Vocal Works Eustis, Best, Puccinelli, performers; works by al-Zand, Davis, Fleisher, Honour, Waters, White
2:30 Panel Session III: Women's Issues in Music Composition. Austin, Chair. Mitchell, Stanojevic, Slayton
4:00 Concert VII: SCI PERFORMERS CD SERIES #2. Works for Piano. Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi.
Lombardi, Batzner, An-Ming, Sorkin, Callender, Barnes, Coleman, Holliday, Galligher, Timpson, Kramer
8:00 Concert VIII: Beecher, Tommasini, Kim, Metz, Lefkowitz, Phillips
  Reception III will follow Concert VIII

SATURDAY, September 16, 2006

Location: The University of Texas at San Antonio

8:30     Paper Session III: COMPOSERS on COMPOSERS. Variego, Johnson, Webber
10:30 Concert IX: Duo Contemporatin (Hill/Wells); Sain, Russo, He, Constantinides, Norman, Engebretson
1:00 Lecture/Demonstration II: A Century of New and Renewed Music by Women Composers. Kobayashi, Gray
2:30 Into the Light, Live!
a Live Version of Kathryn Mishell's Weekly Radio Program on Women Composers
3:30 Concert X: Electroacoustic Music. Fogelsanger, Bennett, Wells, Choi, Nelson, Karaca
5:15 BANQUET: Karam's Mexican Dining Room, 121 N Zarzamora
7:30 Concert XI: Wicks, Heuser, Parks, Bilotta, Bahr, Peterson, Crabtree, Kramer, Alon
  Reception IV will follow Concert IX